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The artists in River Being, an international collective based in Oslo, London and Bern, work across the cultural fields of dance and music. Through River Being, we delved into the diverse ways movement and sound can meet and play in an interdisciplinary performance format. We have a common interest to create art that is placed in public spaces. This is both to reach out and meet people where they are, but also to make our work available to the spectrum of the general public, to bring dance to new audiences. We emphasise the importance of gathering and reaching out to an audience with different backgrounds and references, age, professions and identities, and to provide the opportunity to unite people in collective experience. We aim to reduce the gap between the audience and performers and give the audience autonomy.

We are driven to create artistic work that not only expresses our aesthetics, but also communicates society-related themes. Through our work, we want to offer the public an artistic experience that provides room for imagination, reflection and conversation.

The dancers Olivia, Vera and Ingvild met during Master's education at Laban in London in 2015 and have worked collaboratively since. They have previously produced and performed the work SMACK (2016-2022), which has had a successful tour in Europe. Guoste a composer and musician based in Oslo whom has experience collaborating in a dance context, met and joined the collective in 2018 when work on River Being began.

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